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Pureheel Kennels

Pureheel Kennels. Breeding since 1982. Consistantly winning in group and in show awards. Aiming for type, temperament and soundness.

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THE BLUES TO BEAT, THE REDS TO RECKON WITH 1988 Exceptional ACDs for every purpose Show, Companion, Work. PRCD tested 80+ CHAMPIONS. Breeder Judges ~ Expressions of Interest for 2014 season, limited b
2 Real Deal Cow Dogs
1 1593

Southern Arizona breeders of high quality Australian Cattle Dogs. All of our puppies are AKC registered and guaranteed healthy.
3 JonVers Australian Cattle Dogs
23 1441

Australian and European import parents. Stunning ACDs with sound genetics, sound minds and fabulous temperaments.
4 Kennel Cattlepark's
0 1386

5 Stock Options Australian Cattle Dogs
24 1210

Producing Champion Working Australian Cattle Dogs.
Competitive by Nature, Capable by Design.
37 1182

Herding, conformation, agility, tracking, cadavar, bomb detection, therapy dogs and gov't service dogs. OUTBACK DOGS can do it all.
7 Bushbug´s Australian Cattledogs Sweden
26 1134

A small kennel; trying to preserve both looks and brain!
8 Agassiz Reg'd Kennel
151 1132

Breeders of Canada's top winning ACDs. Working, showing, performance, service and companion dogs. ACDCC breeder code of ethics.
9 Banana Bender Kennel
0 1081

10 BRB Ranch ACD's
0 1076

Real AKC working ranch dogs that Perform and Show! OFA, PRA, BAER, & CERF tested. Guaranteed. Located in buckaroo outback of Northern Nevada. Shipping available. Email NVcowdog@brbranch.com
11 Cinderella´s Ranch
1 1059

Breeding dogs who are both mentally and physically sound, who meet the Australian Cattle Dog Standard.
12 Les Jarrets d'Australie
3 1041

We specialize in Kaleski true type dogs. We produce hi energy level type, for the active family. We have a special program for the pups socialization. We offer 5 years guarantee. You are welcome to visite our website.
13 Kadinze
0 1020

We are a small kennel on the Darling Downs in S.E.Q'ld. Breeding healthy true to type cattle dogs with excellant temperaments.Puppy enquiries welcome.
14 Blucalypt Australian Cattle Dogs
0 1015

Blucalypt - "The Reds With The Record". Over 20 years of quality Australian Cattle Dogs. Tested parents producing quality offspring with superb family member attitudes.
15 Priest Creek Kennels
0 979

Breeding Australian Cattle Dogs in Quebec, Canada
16 Bring It On Australian Cattle Dogs
3 936

We are located in Nevada County, California!
Our breeding program produces dogs that are phsyically and mentally sound!
17 roadhouseacds.com
2 932

Breeding Champion Dogs! Imported stock from the top Australian lines.
18 Hiredhand Australian Cattle Dogs
0 901

Breeder of champion Australian Cattle Dogs since 1985. Exceptional puppies for show and pets. Breeder of over 20 AKC champions. Puppies are fully guaranteed. OFA/PRA 7702287904
19 Hardtack ACD's
0 805

Where versatility, quality, temperament and ability come together in Texas. Competitive cattle dogs - Complete genetic testing.
20 MystarAustralian Cattle Dogs
1 762

We are a small Kennel that concenstates on breeding for soundness and good temperament.
We test for PRA,do hip and elbow scoring and hearing test pups at eight weeks old.
Our pups are raised in a fami
21 WindDrover
148 744

We are striving to breed versatile Cattle Dogs for work and show. All our dogs are health and temperament tested and receive full VDH (German Kennel Club) papers
0 743

We are a small kennel located near Stockholm in Sweden. Our goal is to breed dogs with healthy minds and bodies.
Always feel welcome with enquiries.
23 Pureheel Kennels
105 732

Pureheel Kennels. Breeding since 1982. Consistantly winning in group and in show awards. Aiming for type, temperament and soundness.
24 Koda Ranch
44 732

Blue and red heelers with solid bloodlines that are sound in temperament and correct in conformation. Every dog has a job whether it be for companionship, working or showing. "Your best friend is a
25 Kurpas Australian Cattle Dogs
13 716

Our goal is to breed dogs that are not only sound in mind & body, but are also hard working fun loving dogs:-)
26 New ACD Gazette
0 701

The New ACD Gazette is a permanently growing and changing compendium about the Australian Cattle Dogs.
The inteested reader finds many various topics like breeding, health, standards, judging, intervi
27 Hawk´s Forest - Australian Cattle Dogs - Germany
212 699

Hawk´s Forest ACD´s is situated in the middle of Germany. We only have a small number of dogs, all who live as part of the family. Check my website for my dogs details and for future litters.
28 Beauvest Australian Cattle Dogs
65 683

We are breeders of The Australian Cattle Dog. We live in the Yarra Valley which is in Victoria,Australia.
We aim to breed dogs that conform to the ACD standard,& conform to our standard in regard to
29 YarramanAustralian Cattle Dogs
3 669

Home of Yarraman Australian Cattle Dogs. Top UK, Australian and American bloodlines. Bred for looks, soundness and temperament.
30 SNJOS KENNEL - ACD:s from Sweden
65 660

ACD breeding since 1995,with the concentration on healthy dogs with a very good mentality,workingcapability & a good exterior.
All the studdogs has good/excellent HD&ED,PRA,BAER and CERF-tested.
31 Outback Australia Kennel FRANCE
1 657
32 KS Ranch Australian Cattle Dogs
467 633

ACDs on our WY cattle ranch for over 10 generations. Excellent bloodlines, guaranteed to work, structurally sound/balanced, tough drive and natural instinct for work, performance, show or companions.
33 Kangablue Australian Cattle Dogs
181 631

Kangablue Cattle Dogs, est. 1998 and located in Rural Vic, Australia. Striving to breed quality pups for work, show, pet, good type & temperament.
34 SilverDust Australian Cattle Dogs
616 628
Home of SilverDust Australian Cattle Dogs, Texas
35 galeazzi kennel
0 620

australian cattle dog top dogs
36 Taylord Kennels
8 605

Over 25 years of dedication through importing and testing has made "TAYLORDS" New-Zealands most successful kennel of Reds and Blues in all aspects of the breed.
37 Adawar Australian cattle dogs
1 587

Breeding quality,temerament, performnace and true companions
38 Clearidge Australian Cattle Dogs
0 569

Breeder of Blues and reds Australian Cattle Dogs bred for type and temperament. Old style cattle dogs with borad heads and great natures
39 Elevage DU YEO
0 568

Our Kennel "DU YEO" is a passion-breeding. All of our dogs are champion.
40 Heelersridge Kennels
0 564

We are a small kennel situated in the Northern Rivers District of rural NSW. Producing strong healthy dogs that are true-to-type. Puppy and Stud dog enquiries welcome.
41 Banggereng-acd
0 549

New ACD-lover/breeder in Holland, come and visit our site and enjoy
42 Reddenblu
1 537
Breeders of NorthAmerica's Top Winning ACD's.
43 Koolanahill Kennels
2 532

Koolanahill Kennels breeding for true type and temperament. The Australian Cattle Dog is the dog that can truly do it ALL. They are devoted, loyal and will work all day. Check out our web site to se
44 Bleu Moon Cattle Dogs
0 526

Quality Australian Cattle Dogs for working, companionship, show and Your best friend.
45 Seaberwyn Australian Cattle Dogs
14 470

We are situated in Te Aroha in the Waikato, Nth Island of NZ.
Breeder and exhibitor to the blue and red heelers.
Our dogs are bred for temperament and workablility, and achieving the breed standard.
46 Tangarlee Australian Cattle Dogs & Kelpies
1 466

This site details information about our Australian Cattle Dogs and Kelpies, info about us and sires, future litters, show info and pictures of our furkids in pet homes
2 463
We are having our only litter this year`around mid October. It will be a blue to red breeding.
A to B breeding.
48 od Dorrinky
1 413

Small kennel in Czech republic (Europa) since 2003... beauty, power, health...
49 Waiiri Australian Cattle Dogs
1 411

Waiiri Australian Cattle Dogs - Hunter Valley NSW
Focus on temperament and trainability.
Dogs for show, work, obedience, pet;
50 Red-Alert´s Australian Cattledogs
0 381
Breeder of red and blue ACD:s since 1998, located in Sweden.Aiming to maintain the special quality of a super worker with healthy mentality and beauty.
51 Hytop Kennels
0 380
Small kennel located near Tamworth NSW.
52 Austlyn Australian Cattle Dogs
1 374

Breeder of quality AKC Cattle dogs in Washington State. I have titled dogs in the USA, Canada and Europe. Top breeder of AKC performance dogs in the PNW area. Breeding dogs that can win championship
53 Kennel Working Mates
6 368

Breeder of Australian Cattle Dog & Prazsky Krysarik in Uppsala- Sweden.
54 Eurowenban Australian Kelpies & Cattle Dogs
0 360
Breeding quality Australian Cattle Dogs & Australian Kelpies in all colours for both breeds.
55 Call Me Farms
0 353
Ability,Beauty,Brawn that is our motto. We breed dogs that you can live with. Sound mind and body. Dogs for the future.
56 CIDABRO Australian Cattle Dogs
1 351

Home of CIDABRO Australian Cattle Dogs in Central Europe since 1998. You are welcome!
57 from the elmiramaplesugar´s
30 277
Home of Australian Cattle Dogs in Germany. You are welcome!
58 Briarmoor Australian Cattle Dogs
0 268
Briarmoor Australian Cattle Dogs - a Mooving Experience since 1989.
59 Kennel ACD Zbojecka Saga
0 250
Anyone who loves dogs, dreaming about a dog and wants to have a dog, the dog for him. Australian Cattle Dog is a dog unique. This dog, love, fidelity, great adventure.
60 Australian Cattle Dog Connection
14 244

We are three South African breeders who believe in breeding dogs sound in body and mind.
61 Austmans Australian Cattle Dogs
46 220
Top UK Breeder of Australian Cattle Dogs 2008 to 2011. Breeders of 5 UK Champions.
62 Windwarrior´s Australian Cattle Dogs
0 200

I have bred since 1994 and owned ACDs since 1990. I mostly breed with Australian bloodlines and blue ones.
63 True-Blue Outback Heeler
1 169

We ´re breeding true-blue Australian Cattle Dogs for work, sports and show.
64 BUGARI FCI Australian Cattle Dogs
0 157

A small ACD kennel located in Poland aiming at breed ing ACDs suitable for work, sport, shows and as best companions out of PRA, ED, HD, BAER tested parents with good temperaments
65 ACD Kennel Danggali
1 151

We are a small Czech kennel. Our kennel situated near Czech and Moravia Highland (Europa). Our cattle dogs are members of our family. Our breeding aim is to breed high quality ACDs.
66 Thatldu Australian Cattle Dogs
19 136
Quality Australian Cattle Dogs for show, work or companion
67 Dolce-Blú
0 134

Australian Cattle Dogs
68 Stockman ACDs
0 120

Quality AKC registered Australian Cattle Dogs raised on our farm in KS, & bred for conformation, working ability, and companionship.
69 Fine dog photos
17 112

Fine dog photos of high quality and creativity, 95% australian cattle dog.
70 G'day Mates Cattle Dogs
0 111
Introducing the world to my Australian Cattle Dogs and their adventures/accomplishments one click at a time. Puppies available occasionally.
Educating those interested enough to ask.
71 Wantibirri.com
0 102
72 Sugar-N-Spice Australian Cattle Dogs
0 93
Our goal at Sugar-N-Spice Australian Cattle Dogs is to build the future for our dogs by breeding for sound genetics, great dispositions, dedicated companions and natural versatility.
73 Doran
0 85
74 Mitykama Australian Cattle Dogs
11 83

Small ACD kennel in Poland. Beautiful and healthy Australian Cattle Dogs.
75 Asahi Hills kennel
7 71

Small kennel located in Finland. Striving for excellence: healthy, working, good looking and good temperamented cattle dogs.
76 Cobalt Kennels Australian Cattle Dogs
0 69
Breeder of red and blue Australian Cattle Dogs for show, performance, and companionship. Located in the SF Bay Area.
77 Ozzwarrigal
0 56
Australian Cattle Dogs since 2003
Work and Show
78 HavUherd Australian Cattle Dogs
0 49
We breed, show, and love our quality ACD's. We strive for excellence, and our dogs exhibit it in conformation, temperament, and mind. We are located in Northern California
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